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Estate Sales & Personal Property Liquidation Services


Why choose an Estate Sale?

  • Estate Sales are a great way to maximize the sales price for most personal property found in a home.
  • Estate Sales are a direct and profitable way to sell personal property to the general public.
  • Estate Sales are an efficient way to clear a house of possessions and make it ready for sale.

Our initial consultation is free, highly informative, and educational.

Here’s how our Estate Sales process works:

    • Our experience, research, and organization setting up and running estate sales, ensures a smooth house clearing transition.
    • Our estate sales are conducted with respect and confidentiality.
    • Our sales are secured and managed by our experienced, and capable Estate Liquidation staff.
    • Our estate sales are heavily promoted through online, email, outdoor sign and area specific classified newspaper advertisements.
    • Our service is professional and dependable.
    • Our policy is to include an estate sales log with your final statement, so you know exactly which items sold, and for how much.
    • Our service removes everything from a home after an estate sale, and leaves your home broom clean.
    Tips for Choosing an Estate Sale Company:

    • Learn about estate sales and how they work which will enable you to ask specific questions about the process to the companies.
    • Look over the complete list of companies in your area. Call as many as possible for information about the services they offer.
    • Don't let the percentage charged be the only criteria when choosing a company. A lower percentage does not necessarily mean you will make more money.
    • Make a list of questions to ask each company. That way you are comparing apples to apples. They may have a brochure or something they can send you in the mail.
    • Once you have narrowed it down to a few companies ask them to meet with you. 
    • Do not throw anything away before meeting with the companies.
    • Realize that most companies work on a percentage so the more they make for you the more they make. Also, realize they may make a bid to you based on what you represent will be for sale. Many will charge a commission once they have started working on the sale and something is removed. If you intend to take items let the companies know on the front end and have it in the contract.
    • Speaking on contracts, get one. That way both you and the company know exactly what to expect.
    • Make sure you feel comfortable with the company before signing a contract.
    Whether your situation demands speed as the essence, or value as the chief concern, we work for you to meet your needs.
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